About Us

Tenet of CAES

The President of CAES corp, Mrs. Kuo Tzu Lan is the authority of international beauty industries. She founded Beauty Society R.O.C. in 1989 and she has more than 30 year experiences. CAES corp aims to promote professional education of Aromatherapy , enhance the level of Beauty Industry and also increase the employment opportunities and the ability to become entrepreneurs.

Introduction of IAAMA

IFA is the earliest association that develops Aromatherapy. It was certified by Australia, England, Canada, America, etc. The Australia executive committee of IFA was founded by many naturopathic doctors. They promote the latest naturopathic methods and educate members to get the latest Aromatic Medical information. After passing the examination, the well-trained Aromatherapists can become the IFA professional members. Becoming a professional IFA member is not only the symbol of the highest qualification but also able to participate the annual academic exchange conference and research report discussion of IFA in Australia to keep the professional Aromatherapist level of members. In 2008, the original IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists A.U.)officially changed the name into International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association ( IAAMA ). IAAMA combines with Medical field and naturopathy for deepening the development to the Medical certified field. ( IAAMA registered in Taiwan in 2008)

Characteristic of CAES

  • Australia International Certification Center

    Ms. Kuo Tzu Lan is the lecturer of Kaohsiung Medical University and has taught Aromatherapy courses and related Beauty courses for more than 30 years. She aims for promoting International Aromatherapy Certification. She introduced the IAAMA International Certification system in 2008. CAES corp has conducted the Certificate in Kaohsiung Medical University for 14 years and trained uncountable professional talents.

  • Outstanding Lecturers

    The lecturers in CAES corp all have many years’ experience. They are the professors or lecturers in each other universities and also possess the qualification of IAAMA registered lecturer and Aromatherapy Certificates.

  • Complete education system and synchronize with global world

    CAES corp has complete education system and cares both technical skills and professional knowledge. We provide professional courses with completely educational equipment for the requirement of Industry. All education bases were formulated according to International standard.

  • Abroad exchange plan

    CAES corp cooperates with IAAMA and conducts Aromatherapy courses and exchange plans. Members have opportunities to make their own customized perfume, cream, night cream, hydrating lotion and lotion. They will learn the process of making the products. The courses are intensive and substantial.

Education Environment

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